Beyond Japa, Are We Running Towards A Better Future For All?

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In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, where people from diverse backgrounds seek greener pastures, there exists a community dedicated to empowering and inspiring Africans in the diaspora. Through storytelling enriched by experience, knowledge, and opportunities, stands out as a beacon of support and inspiration.



Are you seeking practical support to cultivate your success story abroad? commits to fostering a nurturing environment for Africans in the diaspora, addressing the unique challenges they face and facilitating growth and a richer human experience through innovative storytelling and the power of candid online communities.

Our approach at centers on empowering Africans with vital resources, ideas, and community connections, enabling individuals to navigate their journeys abroad confidently. This platform allows Africans to either build their community or join existing ones, transforming these spaces into hubs of passion, energy, and innovative ideas. The result? A stronger, more progressive platform for Africans, transcending borders.

Under the dedicated leadership of Tope Omidiji, aims to shift the African mindset from merely ‘running’ from problems to actively solving them. Tope’s journey is marked by his steadfast commitment to altering African perspectives and mindsets towards the Western world. “ is dedicated to your learning and growth. Our vibrant communities will guide you, sharing pathways to success,” says Tope Omidiji.

Tope, a technology and business leader passionate about finding solutions and helping individuals and organizations to achieve their goals. He is adept at tackling complex challenges with a calm and level-headed approach, always striving to find balanced solutions. Tope is known for his exceptional collaboration skills and ability to solve problems and communicate effectively. He embodies a servant-leadership mentality, serving with integrity, genuinely enjoying connecting with others and building meaningful relationships.

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Amid a world where dreams often appear out of reach, individuals like Toyin Omodara, Operations Manager at a non-profit organization in the US, serve as pillars of hope and inspiration. Tosin’s journey from humble beginnings to achieving remarkable success underscores the power of perseverance, resilience, and faith in one’s capabilities.

So, are we running towards a better future for all? Here’s an insight into why you may be seeking change Join us on to embark on a journey of learning and growth beyond borders. Register now and become part of a community that thrives on mutual support and shared success.

JAPA.RUN Originals is an innovative media organization and provider of stories and information about and for the African diaspora. JAPA.RUN Originals develops inspiring videos through engaging our communities. Watching these videos, you can explore new ideas and learn from the stories and experiences of others.

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