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Health & Wellness

3 Reasons to Sleep Naked

naked sleeping partners
Sex is better in naked sleeping partners. It's all about the hormonal cocktail that occurs in the body when two naked bodies come into...

Why You May Want to Reconsider Eating Beans And Plantain

Any slander against “gob3”, one of the foods that most Ghanaians love especially because of its affordability, is usually not tolerated among its lovers. Beans...

Don’t Die Of Ulsher: Eat These 6 Foods Every Day To...

Don’t Die Of Ulsher
To stay healthy, it’s essential to consume a variety of nutritious foods regularly. Here are six foods that you should include in your daily...

Why Sleeping Pills Can Be Dangerous

Sleeping Pills
The Head of Pharmacy at Pleasant Medical Centre in Ashaiman, Middle East, Mr. Stephen Ohene Sabi has warned the public against abusing sleeping pills. He...

Ways to Ask For Sex For The First Time From a...

Ways to Ask For Sex
Whether you’re seeing a woman casually or have been dating for a while, you might be wondering how to ask her to ‘get jiggy...

Reasons Why You Should Reduce Your Bread Consumption

Regular consumption of bread is harmful to the body. Here are the reasons why you should reduce your bread intake.   In Nigeria, bread is one...

Health Professionals Hide Breast Lumps, Refuse Treatment Options – Research

Hide Breast Lumps
A research conducted in 2022 has revealed that health professionals in the country hide huge breast lumps and refuse various treatment options, especially chemotherapy, and...

How Important is Hot Water Bath During The Rainy Season?

,Hot Water Bath During The Rainy Season
Remembering with nostalgia those days when the world was innocent and still sane, when it was still devoid of the madness that came after,...

Family Planning: The Good, Bad And Ugly Of Modern Contraceptive

Family Planning
Surrounded by several myths and misconceptions, family planning has been in existence since the 16th century when women were admonished to space their children...

Types of Noise Women Make When Enjoying Lovemaking

Enjoying Lovemaking
When a woman screams, it comes from deep within as her whole being is alive with passion. The woman may scream “you’re killing me!”...