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Effects of Eating Groundnut Before Having Sex

Groundnuts are a rich source of nutrients
Groundnuts are a rich source of nutrients, energy, and protein. They also serve as a natural source of copper, manganese, and zinc, all of...

3 Things You Can Do to Have Healthy Sperm

Lots of men have been experiencing a sharp decline in sperm production.   The quality of sperm produced in recent times has also been another concern...

Four Ways to Get Rid of Vaginal Odour

Vaginal Odour
Every vagina has a scent but with proper hygiene and cleanliness one can keep their private part clean and devoid of pungent smells.   According to...

Things That Are Killing Women Slowly Without Their Knowledge

Some common things
Some common things used by humans daily have serious side effects on their health. These things no matter the great roles they play in...

Best Foods To Eat After SEx

Best Foods To Eat After SEx
An average of 60-100 calories are burned during sex, depending solely on how active your partner is; you may burn more or less, but...

REGULAR SEX: Its Health Benefits In Older People

Its Health Benefits In Older People
Sex burns fat and boosts your immune system; Sex causes the brain to release endorphins – the body’s natural pain relievers; Sex relieves stress...

Health Benefits Of Snakeweed Herb

According to healthline Among the many weeds, snakeweed is highly prized for its therapeutic and curative properties. It is prevalent in the arid regions...

This is Why Men Get Erection Based on What They See...

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Consultant for Endpoint Homeopathic Clinic, Dr Adu Boateng has said that men get erected usually by what they see.   He...

Effect of Regular Sex on Fat people

Regular Sex on Fat people
There has been a noticeable change in attitude towards Regular Sex and its advantages for weight loss and muscle building, possibly as a result...

The Worst Time to Have Sex

According to researchers, this is the most common error people make when it comes to enjoying good intimacy. It turns out that the most...