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Snoring can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, such as sleep apnea, which is a common sleep disorder that causes a...

Wema Bank collaborates With Karis and Eleos Hope Foundation to Commemorate...

Wema Bank
The World Health Organization reports that the highest incidents of malaria outbreaks and deaths are recorded in Africa with over 234 million cases and...

38th FMM: O.B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation Treats 5,000, Conducts 132 Surgeries

O.B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation
5,000 men, women and children received treatment during the 38th Free Medical Mission (FMM) of the O.B. Lulu-Briggs Foundation (OBLBF).   The medical mission featuring counselling/health...

How Wearing Socks During Sex Can Give You More Intense Orgasms

How Wearing Socks During Sex
There are so many tips on how to have better sex, but do you know that wearing socks during sex is one of the...

The Effects of Lack of Sleep

Lack of Sleep
Lack of sleep can have a wide range of negative effects on both your physical and mental health. Here are some of the most...

What Causes Teeth to Look Yellow

Causes Teeth to Look Yellow
According to Heathline, teeth play an essential role in our appearance and can significantly impact our self-esteem and confidence. The color of our teeth...

Doctor Reveals How Most Women Fake Orgasm Out of Love

Most Women Fake Orgasm
A medical doctor, Frederick Agey Gesus, has revealed why most women fake orgasm during sex.   According to him, most of them do it to impress...

This is How to Take Care of Your Penis

How to Take Care of Your Penis
According to Heathline, the penis is a vital part of a man’s anatomy and taking care of it should be an essential aspect of...

Infections That Can Be Transmitted Through Oral Sex And How to...

Oral sex is a common sexual activity that can bring pleasure and intimacy to partners. However, it is also a way of transmitting sexually...

5 Ear Problems And The Solution to it

Ear Problems
There are several types of ear problems, each with its own set of causes and solutions. Here are some common ear problems and their...