Doctor Reveals One Dire Effect of Masturbation in Men

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Medical Doctor and Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Isaac Newman Arthur, has enlightened men per his medical expertise on one dire effect of masturbation on men that a lot of people did not know about.



Interviewed on eTV Ghana’s Men’s Lounge, he disclosed that all through his years of medical practice, he has observed that almost all the men who have come to him with an issue of pre-mature ejaculation have masturbated before.

According to him, their masturbation is actually what causes premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse.

Explaining why masturbation causes this problem, he said, “With masturbation, because you know where to touch to get that sensation, you’re able to stimulate that place to have a heightened satisfaction quickly and your body is now conditioned to have those kind of experiences so it becomes your usual”.

Dr. Isaac continued that “When you now have an actual sexual relationship with a woman, then you ejaculate quickly because masturbation gets you there quickly and your body becomes used to that. Pre-mature ejaculation, from my own practice, I’ve realized almost all the time is because of this”.

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