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How My Signature Was Forged By El-Rufai – Kaduna Assembly Speaker Exposes Top Secret





About 60% of fully funded projects in Kaduna State were allegedly abandoned by the administration of former Governor Nasir El-Rufai, said Henry Marah, the Chairman of the State House of Assembly Ad Hoc Committee looking into the eight years of El-Rufai’s administration.


During an interview on Channels Television Politics Today on Wednesday, Marah shed light on the alleged fraud perpetrated by the El-Rufai administration in the state.

His revelations were startling and underscored a deep-seated culture of corruption that allegedly plagued the government during El-Rufai’s tenure.

“From the day the committee was set up,” Marah began, his voice steady and unwavering, “the then Speaker of the House of Assembly said they forged his signature on some documents without his knowledge, and he was not aware of some of the loans they took. It was a government immersed in corruption.”

Marah elaborated on the extent of the malfeasance, noting that it was a systemic issue, deeply embedded in the administration’s operations.

“So as the head of government, what did you expect? Through his cronies, but not directly to him,” he explained, indicating that while El-Rufai himself might not have been directly implicated in every fraudulent act, the corruption flourished under his watch, enabled by his close associates.

The interview further delved into the financial irregularities that allegedly left a significant impact on Kaduna State.

“And there is no day you will see that there is resolution on some of these debts,” Marah stated. “There is no resolution passed on the floor of the House, and what that means is that the House is not aware of the transactions.”

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He noted that in the eight years of El-Rufai’s reign, “he single-handedly took $758 million” loan even though he met zero debt when he assumed office as governor.

Marah said over 60% of the projects he embarked on had been abandoned and “it would take the state over 20 years to complete what he left behind”.

The lawmaker pointed out the visible consequences of such mismanagement, saying, “When you come to Kaduna and see numerous abandoned projects, you will have no choice but to ask questions.”

According to him, the unfinished projects stand as stark reminders of the funds that have been misappropriated and the opportunities squandered.

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