Police Shoot Dead ‘Mad Man’ Who Killed 4 Persons

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A man believed to be mentally unstable has tragically taken the lives of four individuals in Banda-Nkwanta, a community located along the Bole-Bamboi highway in the Bole district of the Savannah Region.

The incident reportedly unfolded when the man, identified as Daganaa, arrived at a nearby galamsey site to unload items and requested to use the restroom at a local compound house earlier on Monday, February 19, 2024.

Upon being denied access, he allegedly reacted violently, stabbing one of the residents before fleeing to another compound.

In the second compound, he reportedly forced his way into a room where two children, aged 10 and 12, were asleep and allegedly attacked them.

Their grandmother, who was frail and had limited mobility, was also a victim of his assault.

Daganaa was said to have continued his violent spree, moving to another household where he stabbed an individual resting in the compound’s foyer. When residents confronted him, he barricaded himself in a room, threatening anyone who approached.

The escalating situation prompted residents to call the Bole police command for assistance.

Upon their arrival, Daganaa attacked two police officers, leading them to respond with gunfire, which resulted in his death.

By the end of the harrowing incident, four individuals had tragically lost their lives. The elderly grandmother, who was critically injured, is currently undergoing treatment at Carpenter Hospital in Bole.

The deceased persons have since been laid to rest in accordance with Islamic customs.

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