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That Sanwo-Olu May Not Lose Lagos To APC Member’s Scavenging And Arrogance.

With the look of things, the All Progressive Congress (APC) has no loyal supporters in Lagos State. Going by the outcome of the recent presidential election, it’s obvious that the so called supporters of the party are only followers because of what they can get from the party, not how to make the party strong, irrespective of the availability of pecuniary gains.


It could be said that the ‘members’ of the party refused to come out to vote because it was obvious there won’t be money to offer for their votes because of the new naira notes policy that prevent party marchinery access to fund that could be used to buy votes as usual.

Without mincing words, it won’t be out of place to suggest that APC members are in that party basically because of what they can get. That is why they are the ones behind every inglorious endeavors in the state , even as they carry on like they are above the law. Name it, nefarious activities like land grabbing, Tricycle,okada ticket collection notoriety are part of their ignoble activities, being perpetrated, using their membership of the Lagos ruling party, APC.

It’s rather unfortunate that only thing these insensitive party men are good at,is exploiting the people of the state to make money out of them. They care less about the day to day plight of the people even as it should be noted that the people behind this ugly ordeal of Lagosians are a particular set of people, whose camp you must belong, to make anything out of Lagos.

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Typical example of this are the market men and women leaders. Thier policies in the markets are anti people and the government continue to look away for obvious reasons. The rate at which they extort money from market operators is, to say the least, inhuman.

The ‘Agbero’ menace is another issue fashioned by the so called APC men, to put serious yoke on the people of the state. The Agberos have become a thorn in the flesh of all commerical vehicle drivers and owners,even as the slave master attitude and arrogance of the state’s park and garage managers has become unbearable. To put it mildly, they are disasters waiting to happen. The more reason Lagosians want power taken away from APC, so they could be free from the oppressors.

The failure recorded by the APC last Saturday may not be unconnected to the activities of these party men. And at the face of that defeat also, one begin to wonder where the almost one million card carrying members of the APC they always flaunt are.

There have been reports that Apc arrowheads in Lagos and all the politicial appointees arrogantly carry themselves claiming that they are popular, whereas, they are not. What they are best at, is to be going around with thugs to terrorise their Neighborhood, enriching their pockets, forgeting that election day will come and people will use thier votes to humble them.

All what the Apc card carrying members in Lagos have is mere talking and thuggery.

However, as the gubernatorial and state House of Assembly elections draw close, the party should look inward and do the needful or else they will become history in the aquatic City of Lagos

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Of concern too,is the decision of Governor Sanwolu to give private media houses priority over state owned.

For instance, Mr. Governor has not come Live in the studios of Lagos Television (LTV) Eko FM/Radio Lagos and Traffic in almost 4 years in office but instead of coming on these stations he prefer Arisetv, TVC and others, not minding reaching out to his grassroots.

He is busy running an elitist Government forgetting the real voters wants to see him or hear him very close to them on their Tv or Radio, speaking in Yoruba and pigin English at all time





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