Akin Olu-Philips Picks Inspiring Leader Award

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Communications specialist and the Executive Director of Peat Philips Foundation, Akinleye Olu-Philips was recently honoured with the prestigious Inspiring Leader award in Lagos.



The ceremony held at the 13th edition of the professional Banquet and Leadership Awards in Lagos where Olu-Philips and many other eminent Nigerians were recognised.


The organisers of the award hinted that Olu-Philips was selected by a panel of judges after critical insight into the activities of his Peat Philips Foundation, an NGO he set up with a focus on Leadership and Communications, which in his humble estimation are the two major foundational issues affecting the development of Africa.


Akinleye Olu-Philips
Akinleye Olu-Philips

Akin while fulfilling the vision of the foundation launched two educational programmes, the International Spelling Bee and the Young Orators to promote literacy among young Nigerians.


The two programmes have been awarded among the most influential children’s events in Africa, while touching the lives of the common people through oratory and public speaking with winners earning scholarships and a dream visit to the USA to compete in other similar programmes.

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