Over 800 American Pro-Palestinians Chain Themselves To U.S Warship Carrying Weapons For Israel

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Pro-Palestinian protesters gathered at the port in San Francisco to show support for Palestine. They obstructed a U.S. Navy warship carrying weapons that was headed for Israel.



More than eight hundred people protested their disapproval by chaining themselves to the ship. The USNS Harvey Milk was the target of protesters who were protesting U.S. support for Israel’s activities in Gaza.

The event occurred amid rising criticism of President Biden over his administration’s support for Israel’s military incursion in Gaza.

Protesters chanted, “Palestine will live forever” as they attempted to obstruct the ship’s delivery of weapons to Israel, highlighting widespread resistance to U.S. help in strengthening Israeli military operations.

As tensions rose, protestors clashed with law enforcement. At least 14 people were arrested for trespassing, with five protestors also facing resisting arrest charges. Three people were hurt in the incident amid the chaos.

The protest disrupted scheduled events in the vicinity, including Nancy Pelosi’s planned presence to honour Harvey Milk, a significant person in the LGBTQ+ rights movement and the ship’s namesake.

The disturbances resulted in the cancellation of Pelosi’s scheduled media appearance, highlighting the disturbance that the protest caused.

The goal of the anti-Israel protest, organised by the Arab Resource Organization Center (AROC), was to condemn and call into question U.S. military assistance to Israel.

The organisation demanded an immediate and permanent ceasefire and denounced what they saw as American involvement in Israel’s purported genocide against the Gaza population.

Reference: Hindustan Times

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