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Six-Year-Old Pupil Who Died On Birthday After Swimming At School- Police Speaks

The Federal Capital Territory Police Command has issued a statement amid conflicting reports about the death of a six-year-old school pupil, Modadeoluwa Lawal, in Abuja.

The Press Nigeria reports that the bereaved family alleged that the little girl was taking a swimming lesson on Wednesday, November 2, 2022, when the incident led to her death at Start Rite School in Abuja.

The family also alleged that the school authorities tried tampering with CCTV footage of the incident but they found a way to get evidence.

One David, who seemed to be a close relative of the deceased, claims the swimming instructor tossed the girl multiple times at the shallow end of the pool and she hit her head thereby suffering internal bleeding.

Speaking about the incident, the FCT Police Command’s spokesperson, Josephine Adeh, in a statement on Friday, said their investigation revealed that the pupil died from “Aspiration Asphyxia”.

‘Aspiration Asphyxia’ is a situation “when something you swallow “goes down the wrong way” and enters your airway or lungs. It can also happen when something goes back into your throat from your stomach. But your airway isn’t completely blocked, unlike with choking.”

According to Adeh, the pupil didn’t die as a result of drowning contrary to claims by the deceased person’s family.

The police PRO said, “But this is the fact, the death of Modade Lawal is indeed a pathetic one. However, investigations so far have revealed that She didn’t die by drowning but as a result of food ‘Aspiration asphyxia’.

“On the 2nd of November, She had a swim day as part of the school curriculum and had earlier celebrated her birthday that same day before hitting the pool in the company of other pupils, under the supervision of the Lifeguards, instructors, and teachers.

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At about 11:45 am, While being coached, the instructor noticed she wasn’t properly responding as she naturally would, he stopped and brought her out of the 4 -2 feat deep poolside to examine her and noticed she was having difficulties in breathing.

The school medical Team was alerted and she was taken to the hospital where she sustained a series of further heart attacks. The Doctor struggled to revive her but she was confirmed dead at about 6:45 pm of the same day.

“While enjoining members of the public to remain calm, it is worthy of note that the deceased has been buried by the family and a discrete Investigation continues. Subsequent development will be communicated.”



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