Why Nigerian Ladies Travel To Dubai To Become Prostitutes

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Long before now, if you see any Nigerian lady traveling to the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it would be for the sole purpose of buying gold, Abayas, and other clothing materials but these days, the trend has changed.

Nigerian ladies these days have turned Dubai into a haven of some sort where they ply their escort business. In the western world, prostitutes are often referred to as escorts but Nigerians feel comfortable labeling them as prostitutes.

Our young and pretty ladies these days don’t go to Dubai for the sake of getting profitable employment, far from that. They go there because the men who reside in UAE are very rich, oftentimes they are very generous towards the opposite s*x.

Only a very small percentage of Nigerian women travel to Dubai for the sole purpose of buying jewelry, clothing, and other household items. Only a few travel to Dubai for the much talked about Dubai Shopping Festival which is usually held within the first three months of a new year.

The situation is so bad now if you check Instagram these days to see what our ladies do in Dubai, you would be shocked to your bone marrow. This group of girls take pictures and videos in very posh hotels where these rich men hang out, just so they can strike up conversations with them.

They are the ones who take pictures and record videos of their bre*sts and other body parts and put them on social media. These ladies visit the Palm Jumeirah hotel, they visit the Jumeirah Beach Hotel too for the sake of offering s*x in exchange for money. The Burj Al Arab is also not spared by these ladies as they go from one end of Dubai to the other in search of clients.

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Nigeria loses its young and beautiful ladies to prostitution in the United Arab Emirates every month. You rarely see these ladies take pictures of them working because they actually don’t have any job they do, they don’t work in the gas station, they don’t have a job in any of the malls in Dubai yet they frequent posh hotels like they have shares in it.

Many of them often tell you that they couldn’t hold down a job in Nigeria so they decided to travel to the Middle East for greener pastures, only for them to see the potential in the escort business and they take advantage. They know these local residents love African ladies who have good body features and would do anything to sleep with them.

If you log onto social media, you would see a whole lot of these beautiful ladies in Dubai trying to make a living as escorts. Whenever they decide to post any picture or video on Instagram, it’s either done in the toilet where you see massive mirrors, in the hotel walkway, or inside the prime suite where you see how the expensive room is set up. You would never see them in the real apartments they live in because they usually squat with their fellow escorts.

Why do you think Nigerian ladies go to Dubai to become prostitutes? Let’s discuss this and more in the comment section, don’t forget to share this article so that others can read it too.

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