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“You Voted For Change And You Have Seen What The Change Brought For You – Atiku Tells Nigerians

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Candidate, Atiku Abubakar has advanced reasons why Nigerians should vote for his party in 2023.

Speaking on Friday in Abuja during a meeting with the business community, Atiku said with what Nigerians have experienced since 2015 when the All Progressives Congress (APC) came into power, it is clear people won’t vote for the APC come 2023.


He said Nigerians have had the taste of both the PDP and the APC and now have all the needed information and experience to make a choice between the two parties.

He said: “You have tasted PDP, you said you wanted change, you voted for change and you have seen what the change brought for you. Poverty, insecurity, it is clear there is a record for you to look at, so if your choice is based on patriotism and performance of a given government, you know that you cannot compare PDP with APC.”

Niger Delta Ministry Has No Business In Abuja
As part of the reforms by his administration, if elected, Atiku said he would move the Ministry of Niger Delta to the South–South.

According to him, the Ministry is supposed to carter for the people of the region and should be located in their midst.

The former Vice President also lamented the corruption and wastage of resources prevalent in the Ministry, promising to plug all the holes if elected in 2023.

In his words, “The ministry should be situated in the Niger Delta. Whether it is Port Harcourt or any other place, the responsibility is to develop the infrastructure and human capital and so on of the Niger Delta.


“What has happened, the ministry of the Niger Delta has been created, billions of monies has been allocated to it, where is the monies going to, into pockets? If I am elected, the ministry of Niger Delta will be in the Niger Delta.”

I’ll Restore The Glory Of Nigeria
Speaking further, the PDP candidate promised to work and ensure Nigeria regains its coveted place in the comity of nations.

He lamented that the country has lost its pride but all of that will be corrected if he becomes the President in 2023.

He said: “I have visited some West African countries in the last few months, what I told them is Nigeria will be back. Nigeria has been retreating in the past seven years, did you hear about Nigeria again in the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS)? I told those presidents that I will bring back ECOMOG, I will ensure multi National forces to ensure regional security, peace and Stability. So that all we can deal with this insecurity decisively.”



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